Ak & Zuie experiences/reviews

October 22nd at Zoey's Cafe in Ventura, California

August 20th, 2005 Red Lion Hotel in Lewiston, Idaho

May 13th, 2005, Zoey's Cafe in Ventura, California

January 19th, 2005 Lewiston, Idaho

December 10th, 2004 Zoey's Cafe in Ventura, California

I did not go to this one but Vikki reported back the set list.....

Go Like This
Be Like That
Nothing You Can do (great new song featuring high strung 8-string bass--slow version)
People Will Be Tired
She Says It All (cool version, first half slow, with trumpet, then second half fast)
All of the above
Cool Dry Place
Boyozo/Don't Throw it Away
You Can Tell
Nothing You Can Do (new song--fast version)
Can't Wait Long
So It Goes
The Way Out
You Are Alive
Who Can/Big Shoes
Wild Thing

Zoey's Cafe July 3rd, 2004

March 22,2004

November 14th, 2003 Zoey's Cafe in Ventura, California Note: I did not atend this show but Megan was nice enough to provide me with the set list:

1st set:

People Will Be Tired
Be Like That
Go Like This
A Cool Dry Place
All Of The Above
Don't Throw It Away/Boyozo
Can't Wait Long
She Says It/Boyozo
Sea Never Dry
Subtle/Man of Constant Sorrow
(don't know the name of the song they played first)/Thank You For
Letting Me Be Myself

2nd set:

Medley: Whatever It Is, Who Can, Big Shoes
Wild Thing
Rock On
She Was The One
Circle Of The Sun
The Mistake
What They Say/Man Of Constant Sorrow
You Can Tell
Here I Am
Hang On Sloopy
Go Like This (and if I understood what Steve said correctly, a little bit of the Escape from the Palace of Talking Statues)

September 20th, 2003

October 2002

Coming soon...

December 2001:

I had been a big fan of Stephen Jay's music since my husband gave me his CD "Tangled Strings" as a present (little did he know he was creating a "monster" :-)). I was instantly hooked so of course, pretty soon I had all three of his CD's and played them constantly, but there was something missing....I had always had the desire to hear him play his own music live, but never really had the chance to make it to California until December of 2001. A friend was nice enough to send me a tape of a live performance as part of an interview at a radio station in Santa Barbara, and that was it, I had to make the trip and see them play live. This show was at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood which is a very funky music club on Hollywood Blvd. Unfortunately, I did not write down the set list and it has been a while so I have forgotten some of the songs they played but, the ones that stuck to my mind are:
Tangled Strings
Trouble (You haven't lived until you have heard this one live)
Cool Dry Place
People Will be Tired
Go Like This
Hang on Sloopy (Steve's voice is very cool in this one)
Rock On (first chance I got to hear Zuie/ Pete sing, he has a very nice voice!)
This show also marked the first time I saw and heard Miles Jay, Steve's oldest son, play bass and he was absolutely fantastic! The set ended way too soon and sadly I had to go back home, but I promised myself that night that I would see them perform live again.....