August 20th, 2005

Note:Review submitted by Kay....

Man, what a hot one! That's the best way to describe Akin Zuie's performance on August 20 at the Red Lion Hotel in Lewiston, ID. Picture this ~ 103 degrees - stage against an outside wall - sun shining down on the brews festival - people enjoying various drinks while listening to Akin Zuie - Pete diving into the pool during the first set break to cool off - pictures! : What an incredible performance and an
evening to remember!

The day was hot but Akin Zuie's performance was hotter. Opening with “Peter Gun”, the guys jump-started the crowd with this lively number. Continuing on mixing Stephen Jay compositions with classic covers, the guys had people dancing for three hours! When the moon broke onto the horizon and climbed into the night sky, people were having a wonderful time.

Akin Zuie's performance was incredible! Each musician lent their own personality, incredible talent and musicianship to performing the musical pieces, and the audience loved it. Bass, trumpet, drums and keyboard brought the audience to their feet, and one individual asked me what kind of guitar Steve was playing! You know the true talent of Akin Zuie was coming through! Pete began playing the first set with his baseball cap turned backward. After several charged numbers and dripping with sweat from the heat, the baseball cap landed on the ground. Several people in the audience “lei'd” the guys with Hawaiian leis after the first set! Later on people purchased CDs from Steve during the breaks. Jeff played his trumpet holding it in his right hand and played his keyboard with this left hand! Near the end of the show Steve stated the beer tickets could be used up until the end of the show - right Julie? That brought a smile from my good friend and fellow “Akin Zuie” supporter. Dancing to several of the songs was a treat for me as my good friends were performing the songs! I can quote Steve and say I “was prepared to turn my head and glow with delight as I personally wondered toward my adjacent fellow dancing humans and thought what the heck is this new groove, and why is it making my feet so talented all of a sudden?” All too soon “Thank You” was performed signaling the end of the concert.

The meet and greet after the show seemed fun for the guys. There were quite a few people at this performance that had been at previous concerts. Jeff was overheard playing a version of “Rock and Roll Jeopardy” with several fans! As the crowd began to thin out, the guys packed up their equipment and……………we headed for the lounge for drinks! What a great ending to a wonderful evening.

Set List

Peter Gun
Go Like This
Cool Dry Place
Thank You (For Lettin' Me Be Myself)
Don't Throw It
Pick Up The Pieces
People Will Be Tired
Gorilla Radio
The Lonely Bull
Be Like That
All of the above
She Says It
Wild Thing
Can't Wait Long
She Was The One
Sun Is Shining
You Can Tell
Low Rider
Man Of Constant Sorrow
Wooly Bully
Built For Comfort
So It Goes
Thank You (For Lettin' Me Be Myself) - played it again - YES!, thank you Pete!