Zoey's cafe, September 20th, 2003

How come every time I go out to California to hear Ak & Zuie play, I end up being awake for 24+ hours? Read on.....very long entry, full of little side stories, too, you have been warned :-)

I had wanted to attend an Ak & Zuie show this summer so badly.... but they were always at times that I never could attend. Boy, talk about crummy luck, I was starting to think I might have to go kill some chickens or something or maybe consult J.Lo's Santeria priestess LOL!. Then just as I start to lose all hope of being able to attend one of their shows any time soon.... poof!, I am told they were playing at Zoey's in Ventura, California. I talked it over with the husband and convinced him to babysit (I love that man I married, he has to be the coolest husband around) for the weekend. I took my oldest daughter to her soccer game on Saturday morning and after the game I dropped them off at our office and off to California I go!!!!! The flight was great but as usual, I am a basket case in a plane and cannot sleep. Southwest is a no meal airline so all we get is Ritz crackers with that glow-in-the-dark concoction they call cheese (what is that stuff made of anyway?)some peanuts, Oreo cookies and a pop... I am starving by the time I get to LA but I had 3 hours before the show started and a 70 mile trip north to Ventura, so, who needs food anyway? Now the rant.........I HATE L.A. TRAFFIC!!!!! Yeah, me and ten million other people but it feels good to rant about it ;-). The trip should have taken me 1 hour 15 minutes to complete and it took me 2 hours 15 minutes. At some point in the road there was an accident, no bad injuries that I could see but EVERYONE has to slow down to look arggggggh! When I got to Ventura I checked into my hotel, took the shortest shower ever taken and ran out to the venue.

Zoey's is this very, very cool place in downtown Ventura. It is located inside this courtyard that has a bunch of little shops and such. Very Spanish looking, which I totally dig ;-). The actual venue is this room on the upper level of the Cafe with balconies that face the courtyard. The stage was tiny, I can't belive they were able to place all their equipment on it! Anyway, met with a bunch of other fans from around the country.... Carlotta, Cinnamon, Moonbeam, Megan, Linda, Helen, Carole, and Cinnamon's niece. And the show starts.........

From the first note to the last, I was in heaven. This show had to be, by far, the best one I have been to, and and the other ones were great. Something very interesting happens when Ak & Zuie play. Hard to describe with words but it is something like they just get so caught up in the music they both get lost (for lack of a better word to describe it) in it. I had heard about that but never really noticed it until that night....

The set list... *Many thanks to Megan, for writing down these,
I always forget to bring a pen and some paper ;-)*

Go like this
Look away to see it (hope this one is on the new CD)
A cool dry place
Be like that
People will be tired
Trouble (can't say it enough, this one is a gem played live)
Can't wait long (My favorite from the Non-Franciscan Duets CD)
Medley (Whatever it is, Who can (just a snippet on the Medley is not enough, this song deserves to be played whole and by itself. Can you tell I *really* love this one?), Big shoes)
Hang on Sloopy (far better sounding than the original)
Here I am
So it goes?(can't read my own writing)
Thank you for letting me be myself
Don't throw it away (A Self Avoining Random Walk favorite)
What they say
She was the one
Go like this (Yay! I got to hear this one twice!!!)
Circle of the sun (Another favorite from Non-Franciscan Duets)
She says it (a favorite from Sea Never Dry)
Wild thing
You can tell (One might call it heaven.....oh yeah, it *WAS* heaven;-)))

Wonder how many of the new songs will be in the new cd "Outer Voice" Can't wait to listen to it. I tried to pick my favorite original song from that nights's performance but I find that I can't... I could write pages about why each and everyone was special that night... but I have so many MB of web space and a few pictures to post :-). After the show we got together at Carlotta's house and had some snacks and talked till 4 am. By the time I got back to the hotel and got ready for bed it was 4:30 AM (6:30 AM, IL time) and I had been up for 24 hours.... So, that is how I ended up not getting any sleep. It seems to be becoming a theme, but I don't care....they are more than worth it!

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