Zoey's Cafe July 3d, 2004

Wow, I got to go to another Ak & Zuie gig! Two in less that 6 months, I feel like the luckiest gal in the world ;-). Ok, toning it down a bit... I left for LA very, very early on July 3rd, uneventful flight but we were in early and the gate we were supposed to use had a broken plane in it at the moment. So, we got to sit down on the runway for 30-40 minutes! Boy, those 747's are big ass planes, aren't they? Yep, I entertained myself by watching planes take off. What a geek, eh?
So, I get the car and head out for Ventura, cool little town about 1 hour north of LA, on the coast. It is full of antique stores and cool shops where I could do a lot of damage hehe. I was staying at a friend's house, so I went there and took a shower and headed back to downtown. I found the coolest earrings to go with the dress I would be wearing that night. They are silver with tear shaped peridots in them, dangly without being gawdy, right up my alley. Went back to the house and changed, all the gals came over and off to eat we went......... Went to a pretty cool Thai Restaurant, but they messed up the orders and Cinn and I ended up eating before everyone else. Felt bad about that but the food was good......

We finally got to Zoey's early, so we could not go up because the guys were still rehearsing. Best part, we got to hear them play "Subtle" twice!!!! That happens to be one of my favorite songs . Anyway, finally, a guy that looked an awful lot like Mongo let us in....... We took out table at the center of the place and the guys were coming and going getting stuff ready. Steve stopped briefly by our table to say hi and dispense the customary hugs *laugh*. After a brief moment outside they came back in and started playing. They started with "The way out". Cool song with this really cool chant in it, don't know what it means or what language it is in, but that is the beauty of Steve's music, that it transcends language barriers....

The rest of the set list:
*Go like this
*Cool Dry Place (the Non-Franciscan Duets version of the song, which kicks sopme serious butt!)
*What they say
*People will be tired
*All of the Above (this one is becoming a favorite live performance, the feel of this song performed live is sooooooo powerful!)
*You Can Tell
*You Are Alive
*Trouble (with a little jam in the middle of it that made me almost faint)
*Circle of The Sun
*Whatever it is
*Who can/Big Shoes
*A few songs with a gentleman by the name of Merlin...... Very good Folksey/Bluesey music
*Subtle (swoon)
*She Says It
*Here I am *not sure if that is the correct title*
*Don't throw it away
*Can't wait long
*She was the one...
*Tangled Strings (It is rare to hear them sing this one live.....so this one is a real treat...)
*"The New One" (a bit of a song they are working on, no title yet or lyrics, very interesting rhythms)
*Hang on Sloopy (their version of this sounds far better than the original)
*An instrumental jam
*Wild Thing (they do a killer of a job on this one!)
*So it goes?
*Go like this (Yay!)

After the show, the guys were nice enough to chat for a bit and we said our goodbyes. Went and had a bite to eat with some of the gals from the show and went to bed at 3AM..........25 hours after I woke up on Saturday morning!!!