A good luck Friday the 13th

Ever heard that Friday the 13th is a bad luck day? Yeah, probably you have. Well, the most recent Friday the 13th managed to shatter that theory and how! :-) Anyway, it had been almost a year since I had heard the guys play live. I was starting to panic hehe. I little bird told me they were playing Zoey's and the wheels started turning in my scheming little head (insert creepy music and maniacal laugh here). Anyway, jumped quite a few hoops, and off I went. Traffic was even good, I could not believe it. Well, scratch that, the 405 was a real pain as usual... ;-). But I got to my hotel in plenty of time to take a nap and a shower. Went to this really cool jewelry store and got this really cool bracelet and earrings (my wedding anniversary to myself, *evil laugh*) and off I went.... Met with a few of the usual gang and also with another fan from far away... West Virginia, I think. Yup, we come from all over to hear the guys play...

We settled and the show started. They guys looked very happy to be performing. It is such a pleasure to see two seasoned musicians that complement each other so well and that have such a good time on stage......... *sigh*

Set List

Cool Dry Place
Go Like This
People Will Be Tired
Be Like That
All of The Above
Man of Constant Sorrow (they "funkified" this song and oh, boy....... I juuuust love it that way *fans self*)
Tangled Strings (a true gem played live)
The mistake
She Says it All
New one (did not catch the title, sorry, bad reporter)
Can't Wait Long
Don't Throw it Away/Boyozo/Don't Throw it Away
Now is in Blurland
Who can/Big Shoes
You're Alive
She was the one
To the rescue
Man of Constant Sorrow (yayyyy!)
You Cal Tell
Nothing you can do (my first time hearing this one live, it is sooooo cool!)
Thank you for letting me be myself
Hang on Sloopy
Go like this
Cool Dry Place
Hungry Target
Don't Throw it Away/Boyozo

Note: Jeff was not there that night so it was Ak & Zuie instead of Akin Zuie, if you happened to be wondering ;-).

The best part of hearing Ak & Zuie play live is that you never know what you are going to get. A lot of the intros to the songs were different and sometimes in the middle of a song they go off into an instrumental "break" that is amazing to listen to. All in all it was an amazing night, totally worth the long journey......